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Posted on Jul 18, 2017 11:03:00 AM

No matter how much experience one has, there is always more to be learned. This especially applies to real estate investing, given the complexity and diversity of investment options and avenues. If one wants to continue to find opportunities to learn from other investors, where does one look? Here are a few different places that experienced investors go to pick up new knowledge to help them grow on their road to success.

Biggerpockets. com

This website has a huge variety of information on every real estate investment strategy you can imagine. You can find information on any topic, from leasing strategies to assigning contracts. I would encourage anyone to take a look at their forum section. It’s easily searchable and there’s a very good chance that someone else has already had the same question that you have.

Facebook Groups

Local investment real estate Facebook groups can be great for deal finding and for networking . The great thing about these is that they are local, so these are peers in your marketplace. These groups can be easily found by searching Facebook groups in your city.


These are an opportunity to network face to face with like minded individuals, as well as an opportunity to expand your knowledge. These take many different forms, but commonly include a speaker who has real estate experience and an opportunity to interface with other investors. A good way to find these is through a search on Meetup.com.


These are a little more formal and typically have a fee, but can be good for picking up some very applicable knowledge. Often times networking groups are formed as part of the seminar.

We hope you find this information useful and we wish you continued success as you continue to grow your real estate knowledge and expertise.

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