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Flip Your Future: Winner Announced and Property Update

Posted on Oct 29, 2019 1:23:43 PM

We recently held a contest in which we awarded one deserving individual (and family!) a cost-free loan. The contest winner, Rachel Moroney and her husband Gabe, quickly jumped in and purchased their first ever property to fix and flip, quickly!



They looked at a variety of properties, from mid-century modern homes to more “cookie-cutter” homes in subdivisions before landing on the perfect condo in Central Austin.

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 2.55.29 PM

Not only is the location fantastic, the property was in great shape which means it just needed cosmetic updates. This means Rachel can put her design skills to work on this property!

Rachel highlights some of the properties she viewed in her process on our Instagram so make sure you are following along.


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