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Quick Loan Pre-Approval

Calculating Cap Rate on a Rental Investment Property

What to Look for On a Fix and Flip Loan

Fix and Flip Loans for Beginners

ARV Meaning & How to Calculate It

Austin, Texas Housing Market Overview

Buying Your First Rental Property

Hard Money Loans: Everything You Need to Know

Borrower Spotlight: Investor Changing the Face of Neighborhoods

Borrower Spotlight: Austin Investor Tells First Flip Success Story

Borrower Spotlight: California Contractor Realizes Potential in Fix and Flip Space

Flip Your Future: Rachel's "Why"

Flip Your Future: The Design Process

How to Request a Draw

Flip Your Future: Winner Announced and Property Update

Four Ways to Rent Your Property Quickly

Timing is Key to a Flipper's Success

Reasons to Invest in New Construction

Managing Multiple Rentals

Flip Your Future Contest - Win a Cost-Free Loan!

Our Favorite Landlord Tips

Borrower Spotlight: San Antonio Air Force Lieutenant Finds Investment Success using a Hard Money Loan

Vendors We Love

Borrower Spotlight: California Nurse Completes First Flip Project in Record Time With the Help of a Hard Money Loan

Is it Wise To Use Creative Financing When Just Starting Out

Borrower Spotlight: Houston Mom Begins the Transition into Full-Time Investor with the Help of a Hard Money Loan

Spring Forward in Real Estate with Easy Street Capital

Borrower Spotlight: Experienced Flipper Begins Major New Construction Project with the Help of a Hard Money Loan

Borrower Spotlight: Austin Borrowers Become Full-Time Real Estate Investors with Help of Hard Money Loans

Fall In Love with Your Contractor

Easy Street Capital Expects to Invest $100 Million+ in Southern California in 2019

Things to Do If You Are a Millennial Wanting to Get Started in Real Estate

Borrower Spotlight: Dallas Area Investor Completes First Hard Money Flip Project Through a Joint Venture

Houston Investor Discovers the Benefits of Easy Money Loan from Easy Street Capital

Borrower Spotlight: DFW Investor Finds Success with Texas Hard Money Lender

Spreading Holiday Cheer at Easy Street Capital

New Year’s Resolutions for The Real Estate Investor

4 Reasons You Can Count on Our Capital

5 Things to be Thankful for as a Real Estate Investor

Flip or Flop: The Reality of Fixing and Flipping Properties

The Spookiest Fixer Upper Mistakes Flippers Make

What is a Hard Money Loan?

Infographic: Rules to Flip By

A Real Estate Investment Networking Event Unlike Any Other

Investment Real Estate Education and Networking Resources

The 3 Keys to Success in House Flipping

5 Things an Investor Needs to Look for When Choosing a Hard Money Lender


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