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4 Reasons You Can Count on Our Capital

Posted on Dec 11, 2018 2:26:03 PM

It’s visible all over our website - Easy Street Capital, Capital You Can Count On. But what does that really mean? And what exactly can you count on? Here are a few examples of how committed we are to earning our borrowers trust and confidence.


Our Capital is Cognizant of Your Time.

Time is money! Here at Easy Street Capital we finance Hard Money Loans. These are typically referred to as loans that are short-term, use real property as the backing for the loan, and include an interest only payment - which ultimately saves you money during construction or renovation. You can learn more about hard money loans in our blog here.

One of the major benefits of a hard money loan, and a quick loan process in general, is the access to better deals. We understand that the market is highly competitive, and to get a good deal you have to move quickly. The faster you receive your loan, the faster you can close on your property and begin renovating it into the investment of your dream, before someone else beats you to the punch.

Interested in a hard money loan? We move fast. After filling out an application, we will provide you with a loan term sheet within 24 hours. Easy Street Capital has full discretion which allows us to fund your loan in as little as 48 hours if all parties are prepared to close.


Our Capital is Transparent.

Surprise parties? We’re not a fan (unless they’re birthday parties). At Easy Street Capital there will never be any unexpected junk fees or prepayment penalties during your closing or payoff process. We are a direct lender, which means that we always have our own cash ready to help you close and you never have to worry about where the funding is coming from.

Our terms never change, so you can expect 8.9%-10.9% interest-only monthly payments, up to 90% Loan to Cost (LTC) and up to 70% Loan to Value (LTV). Intrigued? You can learn more about what these loan terms mean in our blog here.


Our Capital is Neighborly.

Do you really want to receive funding from someone who is thousands of miles away from your investment location? We only lend in the Lone Star State. As a bonus, those who are repeat borrowers will receive discounted pricing. Talk about neighborly love!

As a direct lender, we are local decision makers and true specialists in the Texas market. We are a small business, and we pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service and our ability to give back to your community here in Texas.


Our Capital is Proactive.

Knowledge is power. Easy Street Capital wants to help you grow your real estate expertise, but we realize we might not have all of the answers. By following us on Facebook, you will get access to the latest industry news, helpful third party blogs, and other various resources to help educate and prepare you for any current or future investment projects. You can find additional helpful guides, written by members of our team, on the blog section of our website. We also offer many in-person events and meetups all around the state of Texas. We want to help connect you with the right people who can benefit your investment journey, such as real-world influencers, contractors, and those that could potentially source your next deal.


Do these four reasons appeal to you? Easy Street Capital prides itself on its customer service, ease of process, and speed. We look forward to helping you succeed by financing your next investment property. Contact us today to learn more! 

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